Episode 99 – Billy Vera

Kieran and Derek are joined by Grammy award winner Billy Vera. Billy is an American singer, actor, writer and music historian who’s musical career spans decades and many different musical genres, from R&B to Soul and Country to Rock-n-roll. Often compared to the vocal stylings of the great blues singers, he remains one of the most respected vocalists of our time. Billy scored an international hit with the timeless “At This Moment” which was used in the TV show, Family Ties. Vera’s songs have been recorded by artists such as Ricky Nelson, Dolly Parton, Bonnie Raitt, Robert Plant, Fats Domino, The Shirelles, Tom Jones and Michael Buble. Billy appeared in the cult film, “Buckaroo Banzai”, Oliver Stone’s “The Doors”, Blake Edwards “Blind Date” as well as various TV shows including “Wise Guy” and “Baywatch”   

Let Christy Take It are proud to bring you the most famous person most people have never heard of Billy Vera. 

Edited by Mark. 

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