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The ‘Let Christy Take It’ Podcast was started by two friends Derek Jennings and Kieran Mullen from Clondalkin in the City of Dublin, Kieran and Derek have known each other since they were children and were always trying to ‘outdo’ each other regarding Movie / Music trivia. Their love of all things Pop Culture centric stayed with them into adulthood and they would fall into the same pattern whenever they would meet. It was in the Summer of 2020 during the Covid-19 Pandemic that they decided to start the podcast while enjoying a few well-deserved pints. Once the decision was made to start the podcast, they started the ball rolling. To get the dream project off the ground they setup their small studio to record their first podcast. Sponsors soon followed as the podcasts grew. They soon realised they needed more help, and they invited another friend and fellow Movie / Music fan Mark Cullen to join the team. Mark looks after all things techie including the website and podcast editing. We hope you enjoy and do not forget to say hello when you do.

Kieran Mullen

Ciaran Facebook

I have always had a keen interest in Movies and Music. I remember my father bought me Leonard Maltin’s film review. It was a review of every film ever released up to the year it was published… 1987 edition. I read every page and every review over and over. I never got the 1988 edition; I think my father was worried however he bought me Empire magazine monthly to ensure it was not cold turkey. I bought Vinyl then CD’s weekly and had a broad interest in all music. I still buy Vinyl and listen to all sorts but especially John Prine.

Derek Jennings

Derek 2021r4

My love of all things ‘Pop Culture’ Movies / Music / Theatre etc. Started when I was young (yes, I was young once!) I discovered books at an early age and would read everything I could get my hands on but Stephen King books where favourites, Movies in the Primary School hall piqued my interest in film and became a fully fledged movie geek. Music was always a big part of my household growing up I built up a big collection of albums and singles. I also love going to the theatre and it is something we do now as a family whenever possible.

Favourite book:
The Stand by Stephen King
Favourite Movie:
The Godfather
Favourite Album:
Rumours by Fleetwood Mac
Favourite Play / Musical:
Blood Brothers by Willie Russell

Mark Cullen

My interest in movies started as a kid from my trips to the Savoy cinema on Dublin’s O’Connell St. to see The Gremlins, Back to the Future, Star Wars, and Indiana Jones. At home we had a VHS player and every week the “Video Man” would call to the house and you would pray that he had your reserved movie with him. As a teenager I worked part time in a video store and one of the benefits was a free movie every night. My music interest started with my family who had lots of vinyl from U2, Pink Floyd, Simon and Garfunkel, Queen and David Bowie. As a teenager I copied most of my music to tape off the radio thanks to the Dave Fanning show before the internet and Napster came along. I have a wide variety of tastes in music from Rock, Pop, Dance, Folk and Ballads. I love live gigs and Glen Hansard would be one of  my favourite amongst many others

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