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Episode 48 – Alex Lowe

Derek and Kieran are joined by Alex Lowe. Fresh from his hilarious performance as the royal corespondent on the finale of This Time with Alan Partridge.  Alex is a popular actor with a unique sense of humor. Lowe is famous for his pseudonyms Barry...

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Episode 47 – Roger Yuan

Derek and Kieran offer a deep bow to the most excellent Roger Yuan.  Roger Yuan is a much sought-after talent who has worn many hats over the course of a film career that spans three decades. As an actor, Roger has gone toe-to-toe with...

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Episode 46 – Paul Carrack

Kieran and Derek are proud to present the blue eyed voice of soul, Paul Carrack. One of the most revered voices in music and a figurehead of soulful pop for decades, Paul Carrack remains one of the best blue-eyed soul singers, writers and purveyors...

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