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Episode 94 – Stuart O’Connor

Kieran and Derek are joined by Stuart O Connor. Stuart has been responsible for some of the biggest shows in Ireland in recent years including being the performance producer of the Late Late Toy Show. Stuart discusses his start in the industry, moving from...

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Episode 93 – Nightmare On Elm Street

Fresh from our interview with Amanda Wyss, Kieran and Derek discuss the 1984 cult movie A Nightmare On Elm Street. Teenager Nancy Thompson must uncover the dark truth concealed by her parents after she and her friends become targets of the spirit of a...

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Episode 92 – Amanda Wyss

Derek and Kieran are joined by Amanda Wyss. Amanda is an American television and film actress famous for her roles in movies such as A Nightmare on Elm Street (playing the role of Tina who was Freddy Krueger’s first on screen kill!!) Silverado and...

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