Episode 98 – Terry Christian

Derek and Kieran are joined by broadcaster, journalist and author Terry Christian. A stalwart of the Manchester scene Terry has championed music from his beloved city throughout his career.  Terry first appeared on national TV in the show Devil’s Advocate this would be the catalyst for a career in media. Terry hosted radio shows for the BBC and Manchester’s Key FM. Moving back to TV Terry would become the host of Channel 4’s iconic early 90’s show The Word.  Here many groups would be playing live for the first time on British TV, including Oasis, Nirvana, Snoop Dogg, Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine. Christian remained its only continuous presenter until it finished its run in 1995. We discuss his new stand up show The Word IS – Terry Christian, and just what makes a good Dublin Coddle!

Let Christy Take It bring you Terry Christian.

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Edited by Mark