Episode 82 – Arlo Guthrie

Derek and Kieran are joined by folk music legend Arlo Guthrie. A strong advocate for social justice through songs of protest Arlo would follow in the footsteps of his father, the great Woody Guthrie. We talk about growing up surrounded by music and how his illegal dumping of household rubbish would turn out to be the inspiration for the classic song “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree”. Arthur Penn turned the song into a movie, a cult classic that features many of the actual people described in the song. 
Join us as we board the “City Of New Orleans” take a trip to ” Woodstock” and join the Muppets for a sing song. Let Christy Take It are stoked to bring you Arlo Guthrie
Special thanks to Mark Cullen for editorial duties.
Well, the New York State Freeway is closed. Isn’t that far out?