Episode 71 – Gerry Leonard

Derek and Kieran are thrilled to be joined by Gerry Leonard. Gerry is a musician and producer who hails from Dublin. We discuss the music scene of the 80’s in the fair city, moving to New York and ultimately recording and touring with David Bowie. Gerry’s partnership with Bowie produced three studio albums (Next Day, Heathen and Reality). Gerry is an in-demand musician who’s credits now also include Suzanne Vega, Rufus Wainwright, Laurie Anderson, Roger Waters and many others.  Leonard heads up his own project as Spookyghost, he has recorded two solo albums. The first recording simply called “Spookyghost” His second, “The Light Machine” was described by David Bowie as “Quite the most beautiful and moving pieces of work I have possessed in a long time.” 

We were delighted Gerry took the time to chat to us.

Let Christy Take It bring you Gerry Leonard.

Thanks to Mark Cullen for editorial work.