Episode 54 – Peter Cunnah

Derek and Kieran are delighted to be joined by singer and songwriter Peter Cunnah.
Performing is intertwined into the DNA of Peter Cunnah. The Derry native always had a strong draw to all things music. In this weeks episode we delve into the roots of this passion for songwriting and what inspires him. With the troubles in Northern Ireland as a backdrop music was the way out and would lead Peter to great chart success with D:Ream. We discuss the hits and the problems that arose from the Tony Blair led Labour government using the hit “Things Can Only Get Better” during the 1997 British general election campaign, touring with Take That and the tea making ability of Professor Brian Cox.
D:Ream have a new album, “Open Hearts Open Minds” and is available for purchase at http://d-ream.co.uk/ 
Let Christy Take It are proud to present, Peter Cunnah.
Special thanks to Mark Cullen for his continued hard work and excellence in editing.