Episode 45 – Alan Clark

Derek and Kieran are joined by musician Alan Clark.
Alan was one of the keyboardists in the British rock band Dire Straits. He was the first and main keyboardist for Dire Straits.
At the age of 13, he began to play the Hammond organ. During his career he played with various musicians and bands such as Geordie which featured Brian Johnson who later join AC/DC, he played with the duo called Splinter (who were signed to George Harrison’s Dark Horse label), Bee Gees, Escape Club, Buddy Guy, Billy Joel, Lou Reed, David Knopfler, Mark Knopfler, Elton John, Phil Collins, Tina Turner, Bruce Willis and many more.
Alan became Dire Strait’s first keyboard player in 1980 when he joined them. He continued with Dire Straits, co-producing the band’s last album called On Every Street with Mark Knopfler until the band’s eventual breakup in the middle of the 1990s.
Today, Alan Clark is a member of the band called The Dire Straits Legacy which is a project from the love and respect for the music of Dire Straits. The band is playing and touring across Europe, especially in Italy and played live by the musicians who made it. The idea for this band is to bring together the members of Dire Straits who made those iconic records, so they can bring the music to the fans.