Episode 112 – Suzi Quatro

We are joined by the iconic Suzi Quatro. Suzi and her trademark leather jump suit, big bass guitar and a back catalogue of classic hits is a rock icon. We discuss her formative years, discovering Elvis and preforming with her sisters in the band ” The Pleasurer Seekers” who would evolve into the group “Cradle” where Suzi was spotted preforming by the producer Mickie Most who encouraged Suzi to move to the UK from her native Detroit. The 1973 single “Can the Can” propelled Suzi to number one in the UK and Australia. Global chart toppers and concerts would follow and after almost 60 years in music Suzi is still rocking concert venues and has just released her latest album “Face to Face” which is a collaboration with K T Tunstall.

Let Christy Take It bring you Suzi Quatro.

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