Episode 107 – Andy Cairns

On this week’s episode we are joined by Andy Cairns. Andy Cairns is the singer, songwriter and guitarist of Therapy? Formed in 1989 in Northern Ireland. Therapy? are an alternative rock band who quickly gained a cult following for their live performances and cleverly crafted songs in the early 90’s. Their debut album, Nurse would see the band get recognition in Ireland and the UK but it was the 1994 follow-up album, Troublegum, that truly set the group on the path to global success. Therapys? New album, Hard Cold Fire has been released to glowing reviews. 

Let Christy Take It bring you Andy Cairns 

We would like to thanks to Haris at Marshall Records for his help in arranging the interview and to our sponsor Irish Woodcraft, check them out at ⁠https://irishwoodcraft.ie

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